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Brandyn Armstrong's Studio Stick wins 'Steve Harvey's Funderdome'

Northeast Ohio
Brandyn Armstrong's Studio Stick wins 'Steve Harvey's Funderdome'

Aspiring rapper Brandyn Armstrong wanted to go to a professional audio studio to record his music, but he didn't have money or transportation.

He needed a portable home studio that he could use at any time. So he invented one.

"I created a product (to solve a) problem I had," said Armstrong, 25, of Shaker Heights.

He expects other artists long on creative ideas and short on funds to snap up his invention, Studio Stick. It's already led to Armstrong's appearance on television's "Steve Harvey's Funderdome," where he won $50,000.

"My phone's been ringing off the chain" since the show aired this fall, he said.

Studio Stick is a small, 20-inch container on a stand that can be raised or lowered to a comfortable height. The container opens to reveal a reflective filter, microphone, pop filter and phone holder.

The reflective filter reduces echoing, and the pop filter prevents sizzling and popping noises that the microphone can make, Armstrong said. It weighs less than 10 pounds and comes with a shoulder strap.

"Just connect the smartphone, and in conjunction with our application, you can record high-quality songs when on the go," he explained.

The app, now in development, will let artists record their original songs and sell them via Google Play, iTunes or Spotify. "This allows you to make money off of your song," said Armstrong, who started working on the idea about three years ago.

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