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Local company leading the way in cell research

Northeast Ohio
Local company leading the way in cell research

Cleveland 19 News Cleveland, OH

The simplest explanation of the research being done at Cleveland based Trailhead Biosystems is that they are working to find a way to control the cells in our bodies to see if they can find a way to cure disease.

But there is nothing simple about this dynamic research and the results could change the way we think about medicine.

Trailhead’s research is being done to learn how cells communicate and how they react to their environment all in an effort to develop what they call a cell recipe that would then be used to help create a cell therapy. At Trailhead Biosystems, as their name suggests, their work is being done at the start of that process.

CEO Michael Gilkey tells us, understanding the cell program, leads to the development of a cell recipe, “And that gets us a very potent industrial ready recipe to then hand off to a company to take into a clinic.”

Bio-tech companies and Pharmaceutical companies use that cell recipe to begin working through clinical trials.

Gilkey tells us that Trailhead’s platform technology, run by software they developed is the key to their work, “So what were able to do is create really complex mixtures and we use the software to do that. The software is important because we’re limited by our brains.”

Earlier this year, and as a result of their advanced technology, Trailhead was included in the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute consortium that has at its disposal $280 million, including $80 million from the Department of Defense, to further develop the manufacturing process for cell therapy.

Trailhead uses robotic technology, run by their software, to develop their cell recipes.

The software infused robot is the key to unlocking the potential to understand cells, develop a recipe, and ultimately a therapy.

“We're literally on this cusp of a wave, where it’s going to start changing the field of medicine,” Gilkey said.

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