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Plum Print booms, turning children's artwork into books

North Carolina
Plum Print booms, turning children's artwork into books

Story excerpt provided by Citizen-Times
Written by Dale Neal

Meg Ragland faced the kind of problem that confronts any proud parent. What to do with all those crayoned masterpieces your child brings home from school for display on the refrigerator — semester after semester, grade after grade?


She commiserated with her cousin, Carolyn Lanzetta, also a mother of young children. "What do we do with all this art work? We feel guilty if we throw it out, I know people who have it stuffed in bins in the basement or in the attic," Ragland recalled. "We started talking to other moms and whether their kids were 3 or 33, they all had these bins. So we made our first book."


Ragland used her skills as a magazine editor and journalist and, with Lanzetta, produced a handsome coffee table book celebrating their own budding Renoirs and Picassos. Other moms they knew quickly clamored for their own. "Can you make me one?"


From the inspiration and hard work from a couple of mothers, a new business was born. The start-up known as Plum Print, now headquartered in Asheville, recently won a $25,000 grant from Innovation Fund North Carolina. Plum Print is attracting interest now from venture capital investors, well on the way to a first round of $1.5 million in seed money.

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