Brio Device, LLC

Southeast Michigan
Technology Sector: 

~~Brio is developing a family of intelligent, intuitive, intubation devices. Stylets are used with breathing tube to assist in establishing an airway during tracheal intubation. Brio’s INT Navigator™ Articulating Stylet enables users to articulate the stylet tip through thumb-guided control on the handle to better guide breathing tube placement. Improving the ability to safely and efficient reach the trachea, eliminates a common practice of removing the tube and stylet, manually reforming the stylet shape, and reinserting; which causes increased swelling, procedure time and potential tissue damage. The INT Navigator™ Articulating Video Stylet adds a miniature camera to the tip of the articulating stylet allowing users visual confirmation of proper tube placement. The third product, INT Navigator™ Image Recognition Software-Guided Video Articulating Stylet, adds guidance software to the video articulating stylet to provide anatomy recognition and guidance software to assist users in proper tube placement.


Hannah Hensel