Impact Labs Technologies

Northeast Ohio

Impact Labs Technologies is creating innovative technologies for athlete performance.

The company was founded in May of 2016 Zoltan Mesko and Ben Rizzo, friends from the University of Michigan. Zoltan came up with the idea to put a device outside existing helmets during his playing days in the NFL and approached Ben to make it a reality. The two shot ideas back and forth and came up with a 3D model of a leaf spring device to reduce impacts, similar to how car shocks absorb force. Ben worked on the business concept with classmates at Harvard Business School, where his team 3-D printed and tested the device and reached out to many coaches, players, and parents to garner initial interest. 

The company raised a seed round of funding during the summer of 2016 to fund product development with a professional engineering firm to take the initial prototype to field ready product. Three different updated designs are currently being put through rigorous computer simulations to come up with the next generation of the product. Testing of the product will be done in conjunction with a leading research university in 2017. Expected pilot trials and sales will follow shortly after.  


Zoltan Mesko
Ben Rizzo
co-founder and CEO