Southeast Michigan

KTISIS is the process of creating new. KTISIS was founded by Stephen Chue in 2013 as a technology and manufacturing company focus on building the best products with simplicity, creativity, and purpose. KTISIS has won over twelve technology and business awards. Their latest product is the KTISIS Infinite Traction System (KITS) which is a game changer in mobility performance and safety. KITS will be available for sale in the first quarter of 2018.

At KTISIS, our goal is to develop and commercialize fun, exciting, and game-changing technologies for the enthusiasts and mobility markets. It’s a dream come true to see KITS has been very well received by everyone we have talked to. My team and I are proud to develop and manufacture KITS right here in Michigan.

Cycle nine of the Innovation Fund at Macomb Community College marks the second award for KTISIS. 


Stephen Chue