Ocellus Vision Therapy

Northeast Ohio
Technology Sector: 

Ocellus Vision Therapy has discovered an unprecedented therapy that allows victims of stroke and traumatic brain injury to recover vision loss that was previously considered a permanent condition.  

Ocellus Vision Therapy is a dynamic company created specifically for the purpose of bringing to market a vision therapy created through a 13 year research project. Designed to improve the vision of patients who have had visual damage as a result of a stroke, traumatic brain injury or other afflictions, the “low impact” process has shown powerful promise previously thought medically impossible. These patients are not currently able to experience any improvement throughout the course of their lives and the resulting quality of life is very poor. If cleared by the FDA, the process will be the only therapy in the US proven to partially or fully correct these conditions in a market which sees over 250,000 new candidates annually and is estimated at over $800 million dollars. The process was patented in December 2013 and the company owns the patent and all intellectual properties.  Further, the company has contracted for future research to treat additional afflictions and owns all of the intellectual properties from that research as well. 


Barb Frustaci
VP and Chief Clinical Officer
Mark Shee
Steven Moeglin