Northeast Ohio

Prezto makes giving gifts easy, instantaneous and social. The Prezto mobile app allows gift givers to immediately and remotely transport a gift to a recipient through the press of a button. The gift giver, through their text messaging app, attaches an image of a gift such as that of a coffee to their text message as easily as one might attach and send an emoticon. The gift recipient receives the image that includes a QR code, allowing him to instantly redeem that gift symbolized by the gift image. For example, a person running late to a meeting at Starbucks who wants to send the waiting friend a cup of coffee to apologize for their lateness may do so by using Prezto. The gift recipient may play with the interactive image received and then redeem the fresh cup of coffee at the coffee shop where he/she is waiting—exchanging the QR code on the back of the gift image for the real cup of coffee. Prezto charges gift givers a $0.99 delivery fee per transaction.