Northeast Ohio

SellHack is a platform built for sales professionals who want to spend more time closing deals and less time finding leads, building lists and guessing emails. 

SellHack was built to solve a common problem the founders faced that was underserved in the market…an easy way to find someone’s email address. In 2014, we shared our first version of the application with friends hoping for positive feedback.  What we got in return was a polarized reaction to what we built and we knew it was time to double down and build and make it possible for anyone with a product or service to contact a potential buyer without wasting precious time trying to guess a prospect’s email address. 

We turned profitable on day 14 after launching and day 1 or implementing a way to pay for the service. Feature requests and demand for more prospects fueled the growth and product development cycles to meet the demands of our customers. 

Sales professionals are hired to generate revenue for their employer.  We learned that they were wasting up to 50% of their time on menial data entry tasks that limited the amount of time available to qualify prospects and meet with leads.  With SellHack, you can find 100 leads, build a prospect list, and verify contact information including email address and phone number in less than 5 minutes. 

Curious how? 

Create a free account at or drop us an email to and we’ll show you how it works.


Ryan O’Donnell
co-founder and chief executive officer
Marco DiDomenico
co-founder and chief technology officer