Splash CPQ

Northeast Ohio
Technology Sector: 

Splash CPQ Quote-to-Cash simply automates the quote, payment, order process with a click! 

Splash CPQ is a complete order management system for sellers. Initially, to independent manufacturer representatives and distributors who want to simplify their quote, payment and order process.  Splash CPQ Quote-to-Cash eliminates manual sales administration through automation to

  1. Increase time available to sell
  2. Accelerate payment and
  3. Improve customer response time and satisfaction

Currently, sales reps, spend an extraordinary amount of time configuring quotes, collecting payments and submitting orders for fulfillment using MS Word and Excel documents. 

Given today’s age of technology and the customer expectation of instantaneous response, these methods are archaic.  The use of these traditional manual methods create workflow bottlenecks and unnecessary frustration.

Up to 35% of a sales reps time is spent on non-revenue producing sales administration, leaving sales opportunities and revenue on the table. 

We eliminate the archaic MS Word/Excel paper communication. We do this as a SaaS application by automating the complete quote-to-cash process into existing workflow, allowing sales reps to send quotes, collect payment and process orders “with a click” from any pc, ipad or mobile device. 

The sales rep simply enters quote information into their online form – the quote is automatically emailed to the customer.  The customer accepts the quote using the “buy now” button, enters their payment information (credit card, PO, echeck, line of credit), and the order is created and automatically sent to the manufacturer/s for fulfillment.  Done!

Splash CPQ has completed its core product development and is currently working to complete development of the final administrative module and bring the product to market.


Alysia Hardy
Founder and CEO