Strife AI

Northeast Ohio
Technology Sector: 

Strife AI is developing a software platform to allow video game developers to leverage the latest machine learning techniques. 

With billions of dollars up for grabs, competition in the gaming industry is extremely fierce.  Players have both limited time and money, so game development studios of all sizes are looking for cutting-edge gameplay to entice players to their games.  ML is a promising area for unlocking new kinds of player experiences, but many small game development studios lack the expertise needed to add this technology to their games. ML engineers can demand substantial salaries in other software industries, which further exacerbates this problem for small-budget studios.  By creating an affordable and reusable software package, Strife AI can enable these companies to attract new players and sell more games.


Brendan Mulcahy
Michael Wilder
Patrick Howard
Software Engineer
Benjamin Kanelos
Lead Game Designer
Jason Mancuso
Machine Learning Adviser