Funding Location

Eligible counties are highlighted.

Funding Options

Funding Option A - Grant

  • Recipients of this proof-of-concept grant receive up to $25,000 to evaluate market opportunities, advance a prototype, file patents, etc.

Funding Option B - Early Launch Award

  • Recipients of these early launch funding awards will receive up to $100,000 for additional proof-of-concept activities, development and refining of the business model, customer acquisition, market test products, key personnel hiring, advance product testing, etc.

Funding Requirements

  • We are looking for startups that are scalable, can create jobs, and provide rich educational opportunities for Macomb Community College students. Recipients of our awards must agree to:

    • Receive mentoring support from Macomb Community College’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship – provide an educational experience for a student or class related to entrepreneurship
    • Specify how the funds will be used and agree to clear milestones
    • Provide activity and metric reports on a regular basis

    In addition, Level B award recipients have additional obligations:

    • The educational experience must include at least one paid internship
    • Recipients must match the award on a 1:1 basis
    • Recipients must agree to a Fund Replenishment Right (FRR), which makes the Innovation Fund evergreen, if the company is successful  

Sectors We Focus On

  • The Innovation Fund Macomb Community College, Powered by JPMorgan Chase & Co., funds the most promising technology startups  in the following high-growth areas:

    • Advanced Manufacturing
    • Information Technology
    • Alternative Energy
    • Healthcare
    • Supply Chain
    • Logistics

Upcoming Dates

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. The application must be fully completed, including the required financial data in the provided workbooks within the application, in order to be considered during the active cycle. Applicants requesting to use an alternate financial platform must contact Stacey Frankovich at (586) 286-2160 or prior to financial data submission deadline for approval.

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Financial Requirement Due

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Learn More At An Info Session

If you’re thinking about applying to Innovation Fund Macomb Community College, you should drop in on a free info session where we explain the ins and outs of our application process. We’ll also highlight some of the region’s most effective entrepreneurial support organizations.

Southeast Michigan Portfolio Spotlight

~~“Molecular biology is still hugely complex and requires massive instruments and sensitive chemical reagents, meaning that only specialized facilities can perform blood testing. Our product represents a big step towards simplifying disease detection and we plan to demonstrate this with a proof-of-concept study to show HIV detection with a cell phone attachment in collaboration with another company in California.”

Kevin Hagedorn, Ph.D., President, Life Magnetics

~~"The success stories from our community continue to inspire our team and we're just scratching the surface. Our recent traction excites us, and we're determined to help more swimmers around the world achieve their goals and lead happier and healthier lives."

Fares Ksebati, Founder, MySwimPro

~~"We seek to create an economically significant company that enables us to be cool and serve others.  To do that our goal is to make the iServe Soft as ubiquitous in people’s homes as Keurig is today.”

Sandy Stojkovski, CEO, iServe

~“For more than three years, I have been singularly focused on taking methods of teaching developed in my classroom and transforming them into mobile apps for students,” the 25-year veteran teacher said. “I felt that there HAD to be a way to reach students who could not afford a private school education. With Alchemie, students everywhere can have access to the immediate feedback necessary to be successful, while providing instructors with analytics from the apps to improve learning outcomes.”

Julia Winter, CEO, Alchemie Solutions Inc.

Southeast Michigan News

Success stories are a big part of what we do. Read the latest news on all of our current and former entrepreneurs and their businesses.


The entrepreneurs we fund give back to the Innovation Fund and the region through education. Recipients are required to provide an entrepreneurial educational opportunity or internship for students, faculty or staff at Macomb Community College. By helping entrepreneurs succeed while inspiring a new generation of innovators, we hope to foster a new culture in Southeast Michigan where innovation and entrepreneurship are encouraged and supported.


Southeast Michigan Vital Statistics

Having just started in January 2015 we’ve been bridging the gap between passions and pursuits. And much like the businesses we help create, numbers define our success. That’s why we are proud of every accomplishment we’re a part of.

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