Fund Details

Our seed funding for startups is designed for early-stage companies throughout Northeast Ohio that have already passed the family and friends capital-raising stage but have not yet received investment from outside firms. We provide two awards based on where a business stands with its technology offering.

Funding Option A

  • Awards funding up to $50,000
  • Designed for proof-of-concept
  • Helps validate new technologies
  • For prototyping, trials, and more
  • Must be matched dollar-for-dollar

Funding Option B

  • Awards funding up to $150,000
  • For testing business model around tech
  • Assists in new customer acquisition
  • Helps with new hires and market testing
  • Must be matched dollar-for-dollar

How It Works

Innovation Fund has developed a 5-step process for helping technology startups apply for seed funding. Before applying, however, YOU MUST ATTEND AN INFORMATION SESSION hosted by our team that covers the process. Afterward, here’s what to expect:


Attend an Informational Session

The first step is to attend a free Innovation Fund 101 Information Session conducted by our team. THIS IS MANDATORY TO ATTEND in order to qualify for funding.


Apply to the Fund and Learn

You’ll partner with our team to complete a financial workbook and craft your presentation and pitch. You’ll gain valuable insights along the way.


Accept Friendly Funding

If your business is chosen to receive an award, it must be matched dollar-for-dollar. However, you’ll find it’s designed to help you succeed.


Set and Reach Milestones

Funding is tied to achievable goals and benchmarks that you’ll set and work toward, and our team will guide you as you make progress.


Raise More and Give Back

Portfolio companies are expected to provide educational opportunities for our students as they move closer to success.

Upcoming Dates

Ready to apply for one of our seed funding awards? We’re excited to get to know you and support your success. First, you’ll need to attend one of our information sessions so we can explain how it all works.

Our next funding cycle starts 07/01/2024

Open Application


Financial Requirement Due


Application Deadline



The Innovation Fund is a nonprofit that helps technology startups accelerate their growth through early-stage funding and education. We have helped hundreds of startups achieve their goals, and we can do the same for you.



Companies Funded


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Total Amount Funded

Recent Award Winners



Advanced tools for improved tumor detection.

Food Stretcher Plus

Electronic couponing system for people who are low income and/or receiving government assistance.


Corrolytics developed an innovative test kit for the oil and gas industry to monitor microbial and internal corrosion of assets. This kit also is capable of determining biocide efficacy for microbial corrosion.


The patented ZCATH catheter is a revolutionary intermittent urinary catheter with a molded open tip and single entrance opening, which eliminates eyelets.


Mobile app that offers instant access to learn a language through conversations with vetted native speakers at any time, from anywhere through VoIP technology


BlendEd provides community college instructors with a library of digital learning materials and course authoring solution that helps them save time, earn more and teach better.

Strife AI

Strife AI is developing a software platform to allow video game developers to leverage the latest machine learning techniques.



Online resume platform.


Innovation Fund is active in the Northeast Ohio region, helping technology startups pursue their dreams and get closer to commercialization. Along the way, we’re making a meaningful impact for students and the community. Learn more about what we’ve been up to below.


Have questions about our funding awards? Want to discuss a partnership? Interested in mentoring our entrepreneurs? We’d enjoy hearing from you! Reach out to us here to connect with our team.

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