Aatru Medical Corporation

Aatru Medical Corporation

Aatru Medical is developing a wound dressing product platform that leverages market-ready technology that will disrupt the multi-billion dollar wound therapy market (NPWT). With our focus on the negative pressure wound therapy market space, Aatru is designing the Industry’s first and only fully self-contained negative pressure dressing that eliminates the need for pumps, batteries, hoses, and canisters that are found in today’s portable NPWT products.

Because of the innovative and streamlined design of the patent-pending Aatru dressing, our bandage will be easier to apply for the caregiver, offer discretion to the patient, and can substantially reduce the cost of treatment for the hospital, insurance provider, and patient.

Aatru was founded in Cleveland by a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs. The management is being supported and advised by a fully-rounded group of medical experts, wound-care specific Industry leaders, a dedicated IP legal team, and design and manufacturing innovators.

With three provisional patent filings, and demonstrable early-stage prototype dressings, Aatru is working towards FDA submission by year’s end.

In addition to the wound care market, there are substantial market opportunities for the Aatru platform, specifically in the post-surgical incision market, and tissue treatment in the cosmetic and aesthetic markets.

Website: aatru.com

Location: Northeast Ohio

Technology Sector: Medical

Funding Type: Series A


Timothy Wojciechowski


Tom Lash


Dr. Sundar Manickam