Argyle Scientific

Argyle Scientific

Argyle Scientific was established in 2019 with the mission of preventing infections contracted during orthopedic surgeries. Initial product launches will include implantable orthopedic devices with a modified carbon surface technology that was developed at Brigham Young University. The foundation of the team comes from a collaboration of the inventors from BYU and industry experts recruited from successful orthopedic startups from Northeast Ohio. The current goal of Argyle Scientific is to prove the clinical success of the technology as quickly as possible. To achieve that goal, they will initially target specific niche markets with high infection rates and a relatively quick and low-cost path to market. After which, they will leverage strategic partnerships, previous successful networks, and in-house expertise to expand in the orthopedic market and improve the lives of patients.

Location: Northeast Ohio

Technology Sector: Medical

Funding Type: Series A


Gregory A. Von Forell

Founder and CEO