Augment Therapy

Augment Therapy

Augment Therapy is a telemedicine solution for pediatric physical therapy which includes automated data collection for therapists while engaging pediatric patients through augmented-reality based exercise.

The company was founded by Lindsay Watson PT, MPT.  Lindsay has worked as a physical therapist for 16 years, and has specialized in pediatrics for the last 13. After years of frustration within her field over the lack of technology and watching telemedicine and innovation pass by pediatrics, Lindsay decided to formulate her own solution.  Augment Therapy is a software solution that can be used in both the clinical and home setting to support and augment the performance of therapeutic pediatric exercise.  Children interact with digital content on the screen in front of them while simultaneous data collection takes place and is stored and forwarded to their corresponding therapist.

Augment Therapy blends the best aspects of telemedicine and augmented-reality, without wearable technology, to engage today’s tech-savvy children. The software is designed to create improved and more precise data collection for therapists, as well as promote adherence to exercise programs across the clinical and home-based setting. Lindsay leads a software development team, and an all-female advisory board with significant expertise in the legal, business, technology, and speech and occupational therapy fields.

After completing its proof of concept, the company is positioning themselves for further investment from a variety of sources and for further pilot development. There are currently 11 million children in the US living with a chronic condition or developmental disability.  1 in 68 children are now diagnosed with Autism and the incidence of Cerebral Palsy and Down Syndrome are going up each year. Augment Therapy would have a dramatic impact on these children’s lives, as well as their families.  The vast majority of these children are prescribed physical therapy throughout the course of their childhood and statistics show that 70% or more do not carry out their home exercises beyond the clinical environment which negatively impacts their outcomes.


Location: Northeast Ohio

Technology Sector: Medical

Funding Type: Series A


Lindsay Watson PT, MPT

CEO and Founder