Bennit A.I. is a self-learning, highly personalized virtual production assistant making industrial users safer and more productive at work.

Manufacturing is poised to be transformed by the Internet-of-Things more than any other single industry. Yet, the odds are stacked against it. Why? Because for years, the conversation has been too technology-centric. Manufacturers and Solution Providers have been too focused on trying to architect the right Platforms and cobble together the right infrastructure and the right solutions, leaving them bogged down to the point of frustration and exasperation.

Enter Bennit, the manufacturer’s version of Siri or Cortana or Google Home or Amazon’s Echo—personal assistants who exist to make life easier for those who use them. These assistants hide the complexities of their powerful, secure, hyper-scalable, underlying infrastructure and communicate simply and directly with their users. They learn from, and with, their users and get continuously smarter and smarter. Bennit takes this one step farther, by encouraging an ongoing two-way dialog that is more interactive and productive than the passive experience of most consumer assistants – without becoming a distraction.

Bennit is your manufacturing colleague, constantly monitoring your work, asking you for input, suggesting approaches, and learning from you. Bennit also learns from the broader community of global manufacturers facing similar challenges you face. How are others succeeding, and how can you learn from them? Through Bennit.

The Internet-of-Things / the Industrial Internet-of-Things / the Internet–of-Everything all promise to connect intelligent devices and give manufacturers access to the data they produce. Manufacturers don’t use most of the data they have access to today, so how is having exponentially more data going to help if you’re already drowning in data? Bennit learns the things that matter to you most, and serves you the information you need when you need it without you needing to install yet another new system or sensor… or navigate a changing security landscape… or hire a bunch of data scientists. Bennit lives on data, constantly consuming it, interpreting it, learning from it, and brings you the value promised by today’s vision of Smart Manufacturing.

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Location: Northeast Ohio

Technology Sector: IT

Funding Type: Series A


Ryan Cahalane

Founder and CEO, President

Mike Yost

Founder and CMO