Bodies Done Right

Bodies Done Right

Bodies Done Right is the developer of innovative virtual training software to improve corporate wellness. 

Back in 2006 Bodies Done Right (BDR) undertook a study to determine the effectiveness of heart rate training.  The intensity that your heart beats during a workout plays a significant role in your metabolic rate and how many calories you will burn during that workout, and even more so what fuel source is the primary source being burned during that workout.

There were two objectives to the study. The first was to determine whether a uniquely designed individualistic exercise program utilizing heart rate training to achieve maximum benefit for all participants regardless of age and fitness level will have a significant impact on the subject’s body composition; cardiorespiratory endurance; flexibility; balance and stability; strength and muscular endurance; resting heart rate; and blood pressure.

The secondary objectives were reached if the primary objective was achieved; these objectives were psychological and physiological in nature.  Psychological/mental benefits include decreased stress, increased self-confidence, and increased self-esteem.  The physiological benefits increased include: increased lung capacity, increased actin, and myosin cross-bridges, increased HDLs, and increased total blood volume.  The results of the study were nothing short of phenomenal.  At the 6-week follow-up time point, there were significant statistical changes in the following variables compared to baseline.

This led to the development of the BDR© VE (“Virtual Exercise”) Trainer, a patented software application that functions in real-time and has the option of being connected to an off-the-shelf heart rate monitor.

  1. Safety – User’s health risk assessment input identifies the user’s optimal heart rate range for exercising & eliminates any exercises that the user should avoid because of physical limitations. The rate of exercise is controlled by the user’s heart rate via a wireless heart-rate monitor. VE Trainer verbally instructs the user to stay in the “zone” (optimal H.R.), speed up (H.R. too low), or slow down (H.R.  too high) and automatically adjusts the speed of the workout based on the user’s heart rate.
  2. Customizable – Every workout and exercise can be customized by the user, his/her trainer, physical therapist, or physician to the user’s goals, needs, or limitations.
  3. Accountability – The results are recorded and analyzed by the user, healthcare professional (measure progression), or the user’s employer/health & wellness director.
  4. Non-Repeating – A 12-month non-repeating workout program (SPRINT) continuously stimulates the user’s neuromuscular system keeping the user from plateauing (or from becoming bored doing the same routine over & over). For users without a HR monitor, VE Trainer can run in “auto” mode.  SPRINT is the name of the workout program, a 12-month non-repeating workout that stimulates the user’s neuromuscular system and avoids plateauing, and is an acronym for Strength, Power, Resistance, Interval, Neuromuscular, and Training.VE Trainer can be operated either online or downloaded as an app.  It does not require any special hardware and can be run on a PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. The software will be hardware neutral (able to use most off-the-shelf HR monitors), so it can be used with a currently owned heart rate monitor.  When using a HR monitor, fitness data is stored on BDR’s secure server to enable users and customers to review previous fitness sessions and progress.


Location: Northeast Ohio

Technology Sector: Medical

Funding Type: Series A


Robert L. Kaleal, M.Ed., CSCS, RSCC, TPI II, USA Boxing II

Dominic G. Carbone, RA