Content Status

Content Status

Content Status audits and monitors retail product pages for brands and retailers to ensure their products are live and the content is accurate, complete and search optimized. It was created by George Koenig, who has spent the last nineteen years helping to start, grow, and successfully exit two software companies within the product content syndication industry. Every product sold online, anywhere in the world – requires a live product detail page otherwise customers can’t buy it. That page also needs to be accurate, complete, and search optimized otherwise customers won’t buy it. Content status offers a cloud-based platform that is plug-in-play easy. Select your retailer, upload your UPC list, and customize your start, end, and frequency of your searches. The platform reviews every product page providing clients with automated reports, insights, and workflows that provide answers to all of their questions.


Location: Northeast Ohio

Technology Sector: IT

Funding Type: Series A


George Koenig


Carlin D.T. Jackson

Head of Technology