HotEnd Works

HotEnd Works

HotEnd Works has developed a 3D Printer capable of printing advanced materials, such as Alumina Ceramic, using a proprietary highly advanced thin film processing technique.

The company was founded in 2012 by Benjamin Becker and Jessica Whittaker to address a market gap in advanced material 3D printing. Their company aims to change the way that advanced materials, such as ceramics, are used today by making the materials more accessible to the engineering / design community.

HotEnd Works’ 3D printer, the HDfab, uses proprietary high density deposition technology. This technology will allow for high performance 3D printed parts that will drive the cost of advanced material parts down, while performing at the level of today’s traditionally manufactured parts.  The 3D printing system will also reduce lead times from several months to days.  HotEnd Works serves the aerospace / defense, general industry, and medical markets. The high performance nature of the materials produced from HotEnd Works’ proprietary process has garnered the interest of several major government institutions. Several partnerships have been formed and current investigation into the feasiblity of replacing traditionally manufactured parts with HDfab 3D printed parts is underway.

Recently, the company completed successful ballistic testing with the Army Research Lab in Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. HotEnd Works’ materials were nearly identical in performance compared to traditionally-manufactured parts. There’s no other 3D printing system that could produce parts for this testing.


Location: Northeast Ohio

Technology Sector: Materials

Funding Type: Series A


Jessica Whittaker


Benjamin Becker