LifeMedix, LLC is developing a hand-held, ultra-portable medical infusion pump. Generating its own electricity in conjunction with a piezoelectric component and battery, the device requires no external electrical power source or battery recharging. Although it will primarily be used by paramedics or military medics in a pre-hospital setting for patients requiring prompt intravenous fluid resuscitation, it can also be used in operating rooms, emergency departments, and on code-carts for immediate fluid or medication resuscitation.

Designed to bolus and titrate the rate of I.V. fluid infusion, the pump is applicable to a variety of patient needs. The device may be used for shock resuscitation, intravenous fluid infusion, wound irrigation, blood transfusions, traumatic brain injury and medication administration. An additional cartridge that facilitates negative-pressure wound (wound vac) is in the innovation pipeline.


Location: Northeast Ohio

Technology Sector: Medical

Funding Type: Series A