Markers is an enterprise software application which enables publicly listed companies to have more fluid conversations with their internal and external stakeholders.

Markers was founded by Reginald Cash.  Reginald spent the last 10 years working on Wall Street in New York before returning to Cleveland to found Markers.

At Markers, we believe a shorter time to information is the key to unlocking investor relations ‘alpha’.  A company that has a shorter time-to-information can attract, engage and convert more institutional investors and potential shareholders.  Markers provides a knowledge repository, a single point of entry for content.   It is the first step towards achieving the premium available to any publicly listed company.

At many companies dated business processes means the information that’s most relevant to external stakeholders is trapped in inboxes, filings, and word documents.  As a result, despite their best efforts,  the task of delivering valuable information and being responsive to information requests is severely undermined.

Markers will allow publicly listed companies to have a continuous dialogue with the investing public. A fluid/symmetrical flow of information between listed companies and investors is the keystone of capitalism.

Several of Ohio’s largest companies are using our platform.  We have some exciting new features planned and we’re looking forward to disrupting a critical but often overlooked aspect of the financial markets.


Location: Northeast Ohio

Technology Sector: IT

Funding Type: Series A


Reginald Cash

Founder and CEO