Micro Fantasy

Micro Fantasy

Micro Fantasy is a free app that redefines sports spectating by letting fans compete against each other for prizes by predicting plays real-time. Stadiums, arenas, schools, and sports bars that offer the game can use Micro Fantasy to earn more revenue through better fan engagement, advertising, and attendance.

Marketing efforts are focused first on the baseball industry because that’s where the founder experienced the moment of inception and where the need is greatest.  The web driven app delivers a repeatable fun experience with minimal features.  This allows us to deliver on the number one goal which is performance and widespread delivery.  It may appear basic at first glance. But, like a deck of cards or chess board, the core contruct has infinite combinations depending on the player choices and on-field action.

The company has successfully tested in seven sports bar locations at once with more than 100 users. The app currently relies on human inputs for sport results.  Its next steps involve offering Micro Fantasy to entire stadiums of fans in Texas and Kentucky where our first customers are testing the product with their fans.  After that, the company hopes to expand to 30 stadiums by season’s end with automated play-by-play results.  At the same time, they’ll be developing Micro Fantasy for more venues and other sports.

Micro Fantasy is using the Innovation Fund Northeast Ohio award to develop the platform for automated result updates in minor league baseball stadiums, and collegiate summer league baseball stadiums.  It will also be used to distribute Micro Fantasy to high schools and colleges through SuperFanU’s fan engagement application.

Website: www.microfantasy.com

Location: Northeast Ohio

Technology Sector: IT

Funding Type: Series A


Joel Crites

Founder and CEO