Renewable Carbon & Electric LTD.

Renewable Carbon & Electric LTD.

At Renewable Carbon & Electric (RCE), we strive to make a difference in how energy is produced and how products are made, in order to shift to a more sustainable way of balancing our natural resources. Petroleum products and coal will never be completely replaced, but a balance can be created with more renewable resources to make humanity safer and to preserve the environment. It is our team’s belief that energy can be made from natural resources such as wood to produce energy that has a neutral carbon footprint, and by substituting raw materials made of wood for petroleum based materials currently used in the manufacture of products. Wood based products are cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and perform as good as or better than the oil based materials being used today. Although the founders of RCE come together through diverse backgrounds, each has a goal to reduce environmental problems faced by the world due to coal power. Founding members of RCE bring

2 together a wealth of knowledge and networks they will utilize to grow RCE to an innovative leader in the field of wood product specialty manufacturing.   RCE creates client specific products through; development and analysis of client needs, consulting with industry experts on effective processes for maximum product benefits, and applying tried and true methods of manufacturing technology. RCE processes renewable biomass through a patented calciner which de-volatizes the material, thereby producing sufficient thermal energy to achieve the process with minimal external energy needed to perpetuate the cycle. Depending on the client needs the carbon that is left behind is manipulated for specific market requirements. The products RCE is capable of producing is far reaching through multiple market segments and represents several billion dollars in revenue. The growth rates in our chosen markets are projected to be in the double digits for the next several years. RCE has identified potential clients across several growth markets and is currently pursuing contracts with these clients.

Location: Northeast Ohio

Technology Sector: Materials

Funding Type: Series A


Thomas Nelson

President and CEO

Eric Smithers


Susanne Smithers


Terry Feichtenbiner

Rail Services Logistics Director

David Keltsch

Rail Services and Logistics

Richard P. Melvin

Rail Services and Logistics

Tom Nord

Rail Services and Logistics

Duke Wintrow

Raw Materials Process Manager