Triple Beam Technologies

Triple Beam Technologies

The Cannibuster provides a portable device with rapid results to accurately evaluate marijuana intoxication of suspected impaired drivers at the roadside to assist law enforcement personnel.

Our vision is to make the Cannibuster an integral tool to be used by law enforcement to help identify and prosecute drugged drivers in much the same way as the alcohol breathalyzer is used to identify and prosecute drunk drivers.

Our concept was recently chosen as the winner for the 2015 LaunchTown™ Entrepreneurship Awards and has been featured in The Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Akron Beacon Journal, several television news programs, as well as achieving national exposure on National Public Radio, The Conan O’Brien Show, and Yahoo News.

With this early yet unsolicited interest, we have received calls from investors, competitors, and customers who are ready to purchase our units when they become available.  Legalization of marijuana is rapidly spreading across our country and we hope our product will promote responsible use and help to keep our highways safe.

Location: Northeast Ohio

Technology Sector: Medical

Funding Type: Series A


Kathleen Stitzlein