With the passing of the father of the CEO and Co-Founder, Scott Huff created the need to create a Yourefolio.  As an investment advisor, Scott had assisted many client’s when either they passed or a loved one passed on.  Each time brought its own challenge but not until it hit home was it realized how difficult and stressful this time can be.  Along with grieving, having to gather burial details, transfer of assets, attending to property and other assets along with generalities was overwhelming and stressful.   There had to be a better way that was less stressful and easier.  Thus, making lemons into lemonade, everything associated with moving forward could be made much more bearable. Yourefolio is a software program that aggregates all the documents, instructions and information that may need to be accessed by clients and beneficiaries during a time of passing.  Yourefolio makes any unfortunate circumstance more manageable by providing access to documents, information and instruction such as disability coverage, long term care and even the loss of a passport when travelling.  Yourefolio is driven by financial advisors, certified financial planners, estate planning attorneys and insurance professionals.  Early rapid growth has resulted in hundreds of users and has assisted many customers and professionals.  Yourefolio has developed early relationships with the Financial Planning Association ® and the National Association of Estate Planners and Counsels.  With receiving the award from the Innovation Fund, Yourefolio will be able to develop critical integrations allowing an easier onboarding process and securing hundreds of additional subscribers.  As the business expands, Yourefolio plans on hiring significant staffing to make an economic impact in Northeastern Ohio


Location: Northeast Ohio

Technology Sector: IT

Funding Type: Series A