JuggerBot 3D

Northeast Ohio

JuggerBot 3D builds industrial-grade 3D printers that are uniquely capable of processing performance materials, at scale, reliably. For too long, we’ve been forced to experiment with foreign materials, limited by slow processes, and plagued by feeble equipment. By addressing additive manufacturing’s biggest issues, we work with machine shops, contract manufacturers, and OEMs alike to ensure prosperity for manufacturers across the world. With the recent launch of our P3-44, the first of JuggerBot’s Tradesman SeriesTM, users can make parts up to 200X faster than traditional 3D printers with readily-available production materials. The P3-44 can build parts up to three feet in width, four feet in length, and four feet in height, and is equipped with state-of-the-art extrusion technology that accepts thermoplastics in pellet form. By doing so, manufacturers can now consider an enormous number of materials that are currently not available for their additive manufacturing applications.


Dan Fernback
Chief Executive Officer
Zac DiVencenzo
Chief Operations Officer