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Structured Monitoring Products, Inc. (SMP) is developing the first true non-contact vital signs monitor for humans and animals. The startup is helping veterinarians save time and money by monitoring the vital signs of pets in the minimally regulated animal diagnostic industry. The VetGuardian™ Vital Signs Monitor is designed and produced by SMP to measure pulse and respiration rate with NO CONTACT of the animal.

Veterinarians need effective ways to monitor and observe pets that are recovering from surgery or in ICUs. There is also a need for reliable monitoring of pets in overnight boarding facilities where staff may not be continuously present. Presently, veterinarians can only take vital signs measurements manually (which can be subject to human error), or by sedating the animal and attaching electrodes. VetGuardian is the only product on the market for veterinarians that can provide continuous vital signs measurements without the need for contacting the animal, either with electrodes or manually. Beyond this initial market, we plan to develop the technology to include baby monitoring, home security, and sleep apnea.

The technology in SMP’s VetGuardian ™ is a Doppler-radar based system for the non-contact detection of vital signs invented by Dr. Jenshan Lin of the University of Florida. The system sends out ultra-low power radio waves towards a target and is able to determine pulse and respiration rate from the modulation in the reflected signal. VetGuardian can detect and measure pulse and respiration of an animal or human in any body position and independently of the amount of fur, bedding, or blankets between the device and the subject.

SMP will market VetGuardian through vet supply distributors. Up to 95% of all veterinary medical products are purchased through distributors so we will rely on them to assist in marketing and supporting VetGuardian. Additionally, one VetGuardian unit can provide immediate new revenue to a purchasing clinic by allowing them to charge for additional monitoring services which might not have otherwise have been possible (such as overnight monitoring or intensive care).

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